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Simply answer just a few questions about your home either over the phone or via text. We will buy it in As-Is condition. You won’t need to repair anything. You won’t even have to clean, and you can leave behind any unwanted stuff.

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We will give you a Top Dollar offer within hours. You can accept it if you like, or you can decline it because there is never any pressure or obligation. We are always here for you if you have any questions or concerns or need anything else. 

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You can choose a specific date that you want to close on, or we can close as fast or slow as you need us to. We always close through a local title company or closing attorney. If you need help with moving, we can do that too. 

We Buy Nationwide

Any Condition - Any Situation

We Buy Nationwide

We buy in any city in all 50 states.

We Buy in any condition

Great Condition

Bad Condition 

Everything in between. 

We Buy in any situation

Trashed Houses

Non Paying Tenants

Tired of being a landlord

Inherited Home


Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

Want Top Dollar, but don’t want to list w/ a Realtor?

Meet Your Home Offer Heroes

David & Elizabeth Schardt – Owners

David and Liz are a husband & wife buying team that has been involved in Real Estate since 2002. They are real people, just like you. They strive to run the business with ethics and love to ad value to everyone involved. David is an expert in many aspects of Real Estate and has been doing it full time since 2002. Before joining David in the business, Elizabeth was  a former teacher for 15 years, a cookbook author, and a former nutrition coach & personal trainer. They have a son that just moved out of the house, a brand new baby girl, and a fun loving doggy.  In the rare chance you catch David NOT doing Real Estate, he will probably be on a mountain or on a bike. Liz loves to join him on the hikes, and she also loves gardening and baking.

Raushan Simmons – Sr Acquisitions Manager

Raushan is a veteran in sales and customer service. His success has been driven by honesty, integrity, and the satisfaction of creating solutions that benefits you as his customer. Family and experience is his #1 priority in which he passes on to each customer he interacts with. When not working, Raushan loves to spend time with his wife and children, walk on the beach, or sit by his keyboard and make music. 

Santiago Lee – Sr Acquisitions Associate

Throughout Santiagos years of establishing relationships with not only clients but his peers and business associates, he has been able to accomplish many goals including: maintaining an award winning personality, keeping very high expectations for himself and a drive that is like no other. He loves to say “Lets figure it out together.” When not working with his clients, Santiago loves playing the piano and making music. 

Gayle Torn – Sr Acquisitions Associate 

Gayle is a professional communicator. As a former Speech Therapist and English as a Second Language Teacher, she is highly skilled at being an active listener. Gayle is the mother of adult twin daughters and is also a dog and cat mom. She is a gourmet cook and an avid gardener.

Dennis Varga – Jr Acquisitions Associate 

Dennis is a seasoned professional in customer service. He speaks English & Spanish and his job is to make sure you are happy and well taken care of during the escrow process. Dennis will go out of his way to help you feel like part of our family. When not working, Dennis loves: running, mountain biking, and pretty much everything outdoors. He’s also a family man with an amazing wife, and 4 cute kids, 2 of which are twin baby boys.

Carl Joseph – Jr Acquisitions Agent

Carl is a seasoned veteran when it comes to real estate acquisition and lead generation. His goal is not only to find clientele that wants to sell their properties and provide an amazing level of service that can’t be beat. While not on the job, Carl spends his time playing video games if not on an urban exploration with his girlfriend. He also loves cars, admiring cars, working on cars and doing track days with his friends.

Jaswin Orbe – Jr Acquisitions Agent

Jaswin has experience in Customer Service, Sales, Tech, from Voice to non-voice tasks, inbound and outbound calls. Always a believer of this quote “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” A happy fur parent so during his free time he usually plays with his dog named Dusty. 

Kacey Mulgrew – Sr Underwriter

Kacey has many years of experience comping properties as a Realtor and understands how to look at all the aspects of each market nationwide to help determine the best value for each property.  When not working, Kacey’s favorite hobbie is taking her house apart and not putting it back together again.  

Henry Torn – Dispositions Manager

With over 15 years of Real Estate Sales, Brokerage, Wholesaling Investment Properties, Henry is a seasoned veteran in the Residential and multifamily space. While not living and breathing Real Estate, Henry enjoys his beautiful Wife and twin Daughters, Travel, Foodie, Football, Great Music, Facebook and of course his Dogs Ginger and Dino! Always focusing on “What is Right in the World.”

David Burgos  – Marketing Manager
Joy Coral – Sr Underwriter

Joy and David take care of things going in the background and make sure that deliverables are accomplished on time. They look at hundreds of data points that help us determine the best and highest offer possible. Both of them were from the BPO industry for almost a decade, providing exceptional customer service and technical support. During their free time, Joy loves doing arts like painting and coloring while DavidB enjoys spending time with pets and playing video games. Sometimes they also go on road trips together with family to chill and try out outdoor activities too.

Christine Vick – Transaction Coordinator

Spending the last two decades in the real estate industry has allowed Christine to develop a variety of skills and talents. Her dedication to the industry is fueled by a passion for ownership and community. She is also passionate about history and nature. She is as at home in a museum as she is the middle of the woods. She is always looking to learn, try, or visit somewhere new.

Christian Kent – Jr Dispositions

Christians has 8 years of experience in the BPO industry, specializing in inbound and outbound calling. He’s also spent 4 years in the real estate field, handling various roles like appointment setting, Transaction Coordinator, Admin Assistant, Team Manager, and Social Media Manager. When he’s not working, Christians loves traveling with his family. They find joy in exploring new cities and places together, and they eagerly plan and save up for a special trip each year. Family travel brings them exciting adventures and cherished moments, making their time together truly memorable.

Here’s What Other Sellers Have Said About Us…

“I had two small rental houses that I inherited from my dad over 20 years ago. I’ve tried selling these houses, but the probate was not done propertly. I tried doing it myself, and I could not afford to pay for the probate attorney on my own. David took care of the probate process and gave me a better price than any other investor. He’s a real problem solver.”


Happy Seller

Working with David was such a great experience. He is an incredible person. Very humble and generous. I highly recommend him…100%


Happy Buyer

David was a blessing in disguise for us. He made the entire process from start to finish as smooth and painless as possible. Very professional, understanding, and super nice. I would recommend him to anyone who didn’t want to go through a realtor to sell their home. Thanks again!!


Happy Seller

“Smooth, flawless, quick transaction!


Happy Seller

David was easy to work with. He always got back to me whenever I had any questions or concerns. David did everything he said he would.”


Happy Seller

“I’m so glad I called David. I inherited a house that was a complete disaster. I had no money to fix it up and I could not afford to pay the taxes or the city fines I was getting for the weeds and garbage. David gave me a great offer and we closed the next week.”


Happy Seller

David is fantastic and passionate about what he does when it comes to his expertise in home buying. He makes everything so easy for the customer and is genuine when he says he will work with you to make your transition as easy and painless as possible. His character is very straightforward, kind, personable, welcoming, and most of all, professional!!! I would recommend ANYONE to work with this guy as he is the real deal! His experience and education in this field are unmatched by other competitors and I am confident in saying that if you are going to work with David, you are in very good hands. Highly recommend over and over.”

Smitty Smith

Happy Seller

I had a very good experience with this company. Everthing went smoothly and professional. I sold the property in less than 30 days.

AR Wilson

Happy Seller

“David and his team represent the best of the best in the Phoenix area. Wow. From start to finish, stellar and all above board. This is a very good group to work with and I highly suggest. Thank you David!



“Wow! Thank you David!!! I needed to sell my house so I can move for my job transfer. I’ve had other investors try and buy it but they couldn’t because I have an IRS tax lien on the house for more than it was worth. David somehow got the tax liens removed and we were able to close with some cash in my pocket. You are a life-saver.”


Happy Seller

I worked with David on a house in south Phoenix and it went extremely well. David was very honest, transparent, and kept me in the loop during the entire transaction. I HIGHLY recommend David if you are looking for a cash buyer for your house.


Happy Seller

I worked with David on a distressed house and he was very transparent throughout the whole process. The whole thing only took a couple weeks from initial conversation to closing of the house, would definitely recommend!


Happy Buyer

I worked with David and he made the process incredibly easy,and made sure we stayed informed during the entire process. Highly recomend


Happy Seller

David loves to help people – he works with everyone’s unique situation, and no matter how difficult, he does his best to make sure that every transaction is beneficial for everyone involved.


Happy Seller

We Buy Houses Nationwide

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